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We are now offering MP3 Hypnotherapy downloads for use with any smart phone or tablet. With each recording lasting in the region of 15mins you can now take advantage of self-hypnotherapy and some "Me Time" while still managing your daily routine. Just find a quiet place to rest for a short time, plug in your earphones and let the changes begin.

Each recording can be purchased alone or with a reduced "Bundle" offer.

Contact us NOW to arrange your download!


Tel:  02891 889564


WARNING: DO NOT listen to recordings while driving or operation machinary!

These are just some of our Hypno-Recordings

    1. Relaxation (mind and body stress relief)
    2. Pain Managment (reduce main of body)
    3. Fibromyalgia (escape from torture)
    1. Anger Managment (keep calm don't panic)
    2. Weightloss (slim to win)
    3. Confidence (Become strong, start winning) 
    4. Exam Nerves (take control pass)
    5. IBS & Bowel Issues (take control of your captor)
    6. Bereavement & Loss (understand your grief with releaf)
    7. Cancer (change your frame of mind)
    8. Sport (release your speed, capture your control)
    9. Self Esteem (Learn to love and understand yourself)
    10. Will Power (get motivated)
    11. Empathy (learn to understand and read yourself and others)                             


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Make Time For Change!